Ford CEO Approves Of F-150's Ability To Slaughter Cows

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Ford's Alan Mulally was delighted to hear the pictured F-150 saved it's driver after plowing through a herd of cattle that wandered onto the 65 MPH-plus highway. The reason why trucks are so popular in Texas below the jump.

I recently purchased a 2009 For F-150 and I am writing you this email to praise the safety features of that vehicle that saved my life. I was recently at the Texas State Fair and was looking at the new Ford vehicles because we will soon be in the market for my wife a new SUV, and I told one of the representatives my story. They told me that I should send the pictures in to someone at Ford. I did a google search for contact info at Ford, and I am taking a guess at your email address from your name.

On May 9th, I was driving on south Interstate 45 from Dallas to Houston at 5 in the morning. It was pitch black outside and as I came over a small hill in the road, there were 6 cattle standing across the freeway. I was traveling 65-70 miles an hour and I did not have time to react and swerve away from the cows. I hit and killed 3 of the cows. I don't remember much of the wreck, but I do remember that I walked away from it. Once the police arrived on the scene, the were sure that anyone in the vehicle was surely dead. As every new officer and helping passer by came upon us, I was asked if I had checked on the people in the vehicle. They were surprised every time that I told them that I was the only one in the vehicle. They would ask how I was even standing after the wreck. I firmly believe that God put me in an F-150 exactly one week before the accident for a reason. The truck was totaled, and looking at the damage, I can see how anyone would not believe that I walked away from the accident. I had a twisted vertebrae, dislocated ribs, a concussion, and some burns from the airbag. All of that is fixable, and the one thing that I also have is my life. If I would have been in my previous vehicle, they said I would have been decapitated. On my F-150, the hood rolled back over the windshield and shielded anything from coming through it. The frame kept the cockpit in tact and overall, this truck truly performed the safety features to the max. No-one ever thinks of hitting 3 900 lb cows when they think of auto accidents, but your engineers and designers have put features into this truck that will save hundreds of lives, and I am sure glad they saved mine. My wife were married in March and this accident happened only 2 months after our wedding. Now we are expecting our first child, and I will only trust Ford vehicles with my wife and family in the future. I have attached a picture of the truck and I will say, the sales staff was fantastic in assisting me with getting a new 2009 F-150.

Thank You So Much,
Joe Cross

Mulally apparently responded with "Hello Joe.....WOW.....soo pleased for you, your family, and our Ford.....I am sharing your story with our team that lives to design the very best cars and trucks in the world.....thank you Joe!!" He's just so happy to have another customer and continue Ford's dominance in the cattle-killing market.


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"I had a twisted vertebrae, dislocated ribs, a concussion, and some burns from the airbag." I was trying to figure out how this could happen in a vehicle that did NOT hit an immovable object and does not have any deformation of the passenger compartment, and then it hit me: chucklehead was not wearing his seatbelt. It's interesting that he raves about the safety features while ignoring the most basic and effective of them.