ForbesAutos Whips Out List Of Cheapest Billionaires

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We've got to give ForbesAutos some credit. They're most often known for their lists of the most expensive and most prestigious car lists around. This time they've gone a bit sideways, looking for the players with the most bank, but with the least prestigious cars. That's right — there's a great number of folks with the means, but not the desire, to buy the biggest bang for the biggest buck. Instead, these Scrooge McDuck's have gone for something a bit more down to earth — and we've got FA's top five list of what they've got after the jump. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves in the comments below.

1.) Warren Buffett
Rank on Forbes Billionaires List: 2
Net Worth: $52 billion
Vehicle: 2006 Cadillac DTS


2.) Ingvar Kamprad
Rank on Forbes Billionaires List: 4
Net Worth: $33 billion
Vehicle: 1993 Volvo 240 GL

3.) Jim Walton
Rank on Forbes Billionaires List: 23
Net Worth: $16.8 billion
Vehicle: 2002 Dodge Dakota


4.) Sergey Brin
Rank on Forbes Billionaires List: 26
Net Worth: $16.6 billion
Vehicle: Toyota Prius

5.) Steve Ballmer
Rank on Forbes Billionaires List: 31
Net Worth: $15 billion
Vehicle: 1998 Lincoln Continental


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