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Dan Lienert makes with the need-to-know once again in exposing the worst cars of 2005, based on safety ratings, reliability rankings and residual value i.e.: Will it get you there? Will it get you there in once piece? And will anybody wanna take it off your hands once you get there. GM, Toyota, VW and BMW escaped this disgraceful albatross around one's neck, while Ford took a beatdown in the light truck and minivan segments. Check the list after the jump.

Least Safe:
Ford Ranger
Mazda B-Series
Mitsubishi Lancer
Nissan Sentra

Least Reliable:
Infiniti QX

Worst Residual Value:
Chrysler Sebring Sedan
Ford Freestar
Jaguar X-Type
Kia Optima
Mercury Monterey

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