Forbes Warns: Most Dangerous Cars

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Nissan and Honda fanboys, double-check your blind spots. The 350Z and S2000 are on Forbes's list of most dangerous cars, gleaned via a pair of usual car-data suspects. While Consumer Reports largely calls out cheap-o subcompacts and aging pickups and SUVs sans curtain air bags, The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety notes the Nissan has a death rate that's around double that of the average sports car. Mainly, they say, due to its young, inexperienced and hoontastic driver base. The S2000's shortfall is curtain airbags, thanks to its, well, convertible top. Where the hell were these guys when the Fiat 124 faced down runaway Buick LeSabres on the nation's highways? [Forbes]


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Mike Spinelli

@Hyman Decent: I'd say more than just a tad, but thanks for the kind qualifier. Note the new headline, etc.