For Tire-Smoking Time, Make it Dorifto Time: Drift vs. Grip

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Your friend and ours, the inimitable Starlet-hustling Starion lover, the enviable and thoroughly-mighty Bumbeck went and checked out the Drift vs. Grip event at Irwindale. Motorsports enthusiast and champion thrower of barbecues, Cole Coonce tagged along and summed it up thusly:

"Those who knew NASCAR were underwhelmed by the sophistication of the real D1 drifters, oblivious to the concept of style points, and seemed puzzled as to all the braking and turning and why a lap around the circuit took so long. It was like pouring ketchup on mochi ice cream."


We once threw our old roommate's chicken to thaw out behind the refrigerator when he left our mochi pillows out to melt. We also hate ketchup.

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