You know those cheap electric "Ocean Liner" horns you can buy for like $29.95? We can only laugh disdainfully at such a horn of weakness! Even those so-called train horns that are all the rage these days are insufficient for those who really care about driving safety (and after reading Gilbert Shelton's Advanced Motoring Tips yesterday, we know what's needed for true safety). That's why we all need 46-pound Leslie Tyfon locomotive horns on our cars. Yes, a train horn from the 1930s, when locomotives ran on coal and train engineers needed about a billion decibels to get those damn Model Ts to stay off the tracks. Sure, you'll need quite the air compressor to feed this beast, and it might be a challenge to find a mounting location in most vehicles, but it will all be worth the effort, we promise! We find it telling that the seller uses a Budweiser can in the photos to indicate scale. [eBay]