Single-seat track-day toys are apparently the world's new jetskis, albeit at ten times the price. The latest entrant could be the BAC Mono. That is, if it ever makes it past the CGI stage. Of course we hope it does.

These images are predictive of what the company says we can expect: a road-legal, single-seat racecar for the street. Ariel Atom drivers, check your tiny, DOT-approved rear-view mirrors.

Project plans — carbon-fiber composite surrounding an FIA-compliant steel safety cell — suggest a mere 1,200 pounds in weight, with motivation from a 2.3-liter, Cosworth-massaged four-cylinder producing 280 hp. Considering such stellar power-to-weight, the company's claimed 2.8 seconds to 62 mph, with a 170 mph top speed, appear a distinct possibility. Transmission, you ask? It's a Hewland six-speed of F3 racing spec.

A fully adjustable pushrod suspension is courtesy of SACHS Racing, brakes are AP 295mm ventilated discs and according to the company, Kumho developed a bespoke compound just for the Mono's tires. Friends in high places.

UK buyers can order a BAC Mono through high-end dealer SuperVettura, at a price of £67k. BAC's building only 35 Mono units for the entire world, with 10 of them already sold.


Go, you wealthy bastards, go!