For Once, I'm Glad To See A Racer Is Mowing The Grass

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Usually, when a racer says they've "mowed the lawn," they mean that they've had a nice four-off somewhere and left tire tracks all through the infield. Not considerate Daytona Prototype driver Jordan Taylor. This model citizen was actually mowing the grass.


We commend you on your dedication to the fan experience at Daytona, Jordan. If the grass is too long and looks unkempt, someone's got to take care of it. That someone might as well be you.


Jordan Taylor made the most of today's sunny, clear track conditions and set the fastest time in the abridged morning practice session with a 1:39.181. He will be sharing the Wayne Taylor Racing Corvette Daytona Prototype with Max Angelelli and brother Ricky Taylor.

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Jordan needs a faster mower.