For Desert Hoonage And Wild 4x4s: 'iran_offroad' On Instagram

Illustration for article titled For Desert Hoonage And Wild 4x4s: 'iran_offroad' On Instagram

The iran_offroad Instagram feed is a steady stream of cool 4x4s in the sand, with quite a few you don't see in th US. Heavy filter use, love it or hate it. But most of the images feature plenty of flying sand and awesome SUVS, which is good enough for my nod.


They occasionally post some weird graphics with captions I can't read, but those are few and far between enough for me to still recommend giving them a look.

Administrated by @parsa_vakili, @mohjavad, and @naweeciall they've only made about 165 posts at present but are getting traction with around 3,500 followers.

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So much bro truck... but at least I can no longer say I've never seen a bro truck ramped before...