Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Originating in Italy, made crazy powerful by the Germans, and now here in the U.S. of A., today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Koenig Ferrari is an intercontinental guided muscle. Will you find however, that its price is right on target?

If the muscle you need is to get you through the muck, then maybe you might have liked yesterday's simultaneously awesome and awful 1991 Dodge Daytona/Jeep Grand Cherokee mashup. Or maybe not, seeing as a RCH-narrow 50.7% of you felt it wasn't worth the thirty five hundred that was asked for it. Mama mia, if that's too much, I wonder how you'll react to today's nearly six-digit monster?

Ferrari used to rock when it came to naming conventions. From the '50s into the '70s their road cars were typically named based on the displacement of a single cylinder - the 250, the 330, etc. When the company expanded their offerings to include models with 8 cylinders as well as those with twelves they needed a different paradigm and switched to total displacement in liters matched to that cylinder count. That resulted in cars like the 308 (3.0 8 cylinders) and was the standard when today's 1983 512BB was built, as it rocks a 5-litre 12 cylinder. The BB by the way also expresses the car's nature as it stands for Berlinetta Boxer, or coupe with a flat mill.

The 512BB remains to this day one of Ferrari's great achievements, what with it brutal styling, demanding chassis, and an exhaust note that's like Scarlett Johansson telling you to get on your knees. It proved a fitting contender to go toe to toe with Lamborghini's crazy Countach, the 512's closest competitor. Able to milk upwards of 380-bhp from its 180° V12, the BB was able to reach sixty from a standstill in about five and a half tics.


Of course some people are in a hurry and back in the day when their personal Concorde was in the shop they'd need something almost as fast to get them to the Olive Garden before happy hour ends, and that's why Koenig Specials built outrageous and audacious cars like this 1983 Ferrari 512 Twin-turbo. This priapic super car is being offered on the Craigslists in Cleveland, remarkable considering that the Lake Erie-adjacent city is arguably the dullest place on Earth.

The first offering of Koenig Specials - founded in 1974 by Willy Wonka Koenig and not nuke-lee-hr wessals-seeking Chekov portrayer Walter Koenig - was in fact a 365BB (365 X 12 = 4,380 cc's of displacement), the 512's predecessor. The body package for the 512 was made available for cars with stock motors, and with minor differences, with the twin turbo setup like this car.


The audacious body kit was penned by Koenig staple Vittorio Strosek and broadened the already wide car by a good foot. Presaging the Testarossa, or perhaps mirroring the Mondial, the side scoops in those fat fenders are aggressively straked. All the parts are fiberglass which have been epoxied to the Ferrari's metal body, making their removal a pain in the ass.

But who would want to take all that German craziness off? Plus, the added scoops and slats are there to help feed the pressurized pancake 12 which is claimed to be good for more than 650 horsepower. That supposedly drops the 3,307-lb car's zero to sixty time to under 4 seconds and pushes the top end from an impressive 186 to a scrotum-flapping 205 mile per hour. Hee-hee, hoo-hoo, ho-ho, oh my.


Remarkably for a car that's been built both to go fast and to be seen in, this 512 has amazingly few miles on its clock. The ad says 3,500 which means it's still got a lot of lovin' to give. Of course, love costs money and in this case that's an eyeball bleeding $99,900.

Sure, none of us can afford that, and even if we could, with temperatures being what they've been this week, many of us would rather burn bundles of cash than drop them on even so wild a car.


But what about all those richie riches living in warmer climes? Do you think that this wild Italian stallion is worth damn-near one hundred grand? Or, is this a Koenig not worth the coin?

You decide!


Full Cleveland Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to MadDogMike for the hookup!

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