Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe candidate is a Daytona on a Jeep. Or maybe it's a Jeep in a Dodge disguise? Whatever it is, you'll need to say if this custom's price is a match made in heaven.

While the Mustang II may not be the marque's most beloved edition, yesterday's clean and nostalgic 1976 Cobra II did receive props for its price, to the tune of a 55% Nice Price win. That redemption felt pretty good, but today we have a car so cray-cray that there may be for it no salvation.

Daytona Beach Florida is known for a lot of things- a venerated high-banked super speedway, a beach you can drive on, and a name used on a number of car manufacturers' products. What it doesn't have is a reputation for serious off-roading. To the best of my knowledge, there's no Rubicon Trail in Daytona.

That fact just makes today's 1991 Dodge Daytona 4x4 all the more incomprehensible and audacious. The eighties/early nineties edition of the Dodge Daytona was K-car based, and while you may scoff at its Iacocca parentage and front-wheel driviness in light of its be-winged and bird-beaked predecessor, the truth be told, this later namesake was also a pretty entertaining car.


Of course some people are not easily entertained, and if you are among those nonplussed by anything stock and are always demanding, is that all you've got? then perhaps this Frankenstein four by four will tickle your fancy and have you shouting now that's entertainment!

The ad is a bit confusing as it claims that this car to be an amalgamation of '91 Daytona and '93 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Now, it would be one thing to drop a Daytona body on the ladder frame of say, a Wrangler or Chevy S10 pickup, I mean we see that all the time. This however, is different. The 1993 Grand Cherokee was a unibody truck with all the spiny, springy bits mounted via sub-frames at each end. That means that this one is... I mean it must be..., aw hell, I don't know how these two bumped uglies.


There's no explanation in the description as to how this Daytona was mated with that Grand Cherokee, or even if they were properly introduced first. Whatever the method, it now sits on a 4.5-inch lift required by the use of 31-inch road droners. The best part of the build though has got to be the Jeep Cherokee front clip that has been grafted onto the car. It's sort of like seeing a cute girl from behind and discovering that, when she turns around, she's wearing one of those false nose and glasses gags, and also has an amazing rack. It really makes the car.

Other pleasures abound here, including a 4.0 straight six, one of history's great motors, and a 10,000 pound winch to save your ass when the shit gets real. Paint on the car is atomic plum with a fade, except for the hood which has a huge swath of bare metal which serves as a good PSA for not spilling brake fluid on your paint.


If you lament the Twitter era's minimizing of proper capitalization and punctuation then you probably won't want to read the ad as it's kind of painful. I can't actually tell from reading it if the motor is new or if it's the running gear. I'm guessing that its the 4.0 that's rocking the 170K. Regardless, you can discern that the build was not a hack job. At least I think that's what it says.

It's rare that you get the opportunity to buy so many cars all rolled into one, and you might very well expect to pay extra for all the custom work and unique presentation. Well, that'll be up to you to decide, as it's now time to vote on this Daytona-Jeep-Thing's $3,500 price.


What's your take on $3,500 for this beast, is that a fair asking? Or, is this high boy's price a low-down dirty shame?

You decide!


Oregon Coast Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to strokeofgenius for the hookup!

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