Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Being gallant means to be chivalrous and heroic. Being Galant means being a Mitsubishi and usually being all clapped out. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe ’91 VR4 however still looks pretty good, but will its price be your hero?

Perhaps you don’t need a hero. Maybe, all you require is a friend. Well, for eight grand it wasn’t going to be yesterday’s LT1-powered Isuzu Amigo, at least for the 64% of you who gave it the cold shoulder.

Isuzu is no longer selling cars in the U.S. having packed up shop and gone home despite having one or two really desirable models over the years. Similarly, Mitsubishi has seemed on the brink of retreat for the past decade as its sales dwindled.

The company did have a pretty good run in August, reporting a 24.3% increase year over year, but that increase only meant 5,281 cars and trucks left the dealers’ lots, not a buttload by any means. aNot only that but nearly half of those were the Outlander Sport CUV, which no offense if you own one but Zzzzzzz.


Mitsu used to have a slew of fun cars from which to choose. The still offer the tons of fun EVO, but back in the day they also had the Eclipse, the tower of power 3000GT and the subject of today’s consideration - and EVO predecessor- the Galant VR4.

This particular VR4 is a 1991 and comes in black over black over white alloys, and looks to be in pretty good shape for its 22 years and 157,000 little old lady miles. The paint still holds a shine and none of the unique trim - front valance, rear spoiler, etc - exhibits any significant damage.


There is a sizable dent right above the fuel filler door that may be a pain the ass to pop out, owing to its location, but that seems to be the only major body booger on the car. The interior as well seems to be in serviceable shape, the leather on the seats appearing typically crazed and wearing a little thin on the offside bolster, but it's not too bad. The Sparco wheel looks like it’d be fun to ten and two, and that might make up for the car’s period-correct annoyance- mouse belts.

The Galant was a nice enough car in its day, perhaps a little smaller than the competition, and with styling that was neither out there nor sleep inducing. Where it stood out however was in the drivetrain department, and this one takes that DOHC, AWD, FWS base and bare backs it six ways to Sunday.


Bred of rallying, the VR4 offered a level of engagement unique in its class. A special ed, this one also has a loooong list of updates and upgrades to both the (originally) 197-bhp four, and the rest of the drivetrain and suspension. I’m not going to regurgitate here because, honestly, there’s nobody around to hold my hair and keep it from falling in the bowl. I am going to point out a couple of things that stands out.

The most concerning of the detailed updates and changes is the notation that all emissions have been removed. Now, later the ad notes that a 3-inch aftermarket cat has been installed, but I wonder what other pieces have been banished from the bay that might make an emissions test visual inspection go south fast.


The other issue is the stereo. Now I know that an auto's sound system decibel rating is for many as important as its performance figures, but damn pilgrim, that sub takes up a lot of space in the boot.

Aside from those shenanigans, the upgrades and maintenance pieces seems impressive, and there is a previous owner posting on the VR-4 board - where this car once went for an $8,500 asking - vouching for both the car and its seller.


Now, here on Craigslist, the asking price is $7,500 and it’s presently time to say if you feel that’s a good price for so gallant a Galant. What do you think, should this VR-4 go for $7,500? Or, does that price make this a Gal-ain’t?

You decide!


Beantown Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Civardi for the hookup.

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