Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe C320 is claimed in its ad to have been heavily modified by Mc Larens. Admittedly it does look pretty cool, but will you be Mc Lovin its price?

A lot of questions were raised by yesterday’s ’69 Olds Cutlas wagon, things like, why was the current owner selling it after doing so much to it? Why was he selling it while not doing the final work like the carpet and seats? And lastly, was it worth its sixteen grand asking price? Well, have a subjective answer to that last question as while it was seen as hoonable, that price earned it a 63% Crack Pipe loss. Bad price! Knock that shit off!

Okay, I need some help with today’s 2003 Mercedes Benz C320 Sport Coupe. The seller claims that the car was modded by legendary Mercedes manipulator McLaren, but I can find no record on the entire Web that indicates that this car was ever a thing.


The ad notes that not only was it modded by the “Mc Larens Race Team” but that since they are no longer affiliated with Benz, you’ll never see another like it. Nope, not gonna’ happen. A letter confirming the car’s provenance has apparently been sent by Mercedes, but that doesn’t help us here!

The car itself looks pretty damn cool and like something you might see plying the WTCC circuit. The basic body is of course the W203 coupe, a hatchback body style that the company proffered in the aughts as their entry-level car here in the States, but this one has apparently been fitted with some cojones.


Underwood there’s the 3.2-litre V6, an engine that was good for 215-bhp in factory form, but who knows how much it produces now since Mc Larens has had their way with it. Seriously, do you know who knows? Paired with that mystery horsepower mill is a 6-speed stick. Nineteen-inch BBS wheels hold up the corners and the whole car has been dropped a good bit on top of those.

On the inside, the seats are described in the ad as hand-stitched in breathable cooling fabric and feature Mercedes logos for a cool touch of additional coolness. There’s apparently also a big-ass stereo for all your NPR-listening enjoyment, and an X-box, because hell yeah, it’s got an X-box!


On the outside, the car gains some serious creds with a carbon fiber hood, adjustable front spoiler, and massive rear wing, as well as a Mc Larens team racing color paint job. The seller notes that this appearance is bound to garner looks, screams, and various thumb’s up, so be prepared to get noticed if you drive it.

The ad notes but 3,600 total miles on the car so perhaps the opportunity for all that third-party appreciation has to date gone under-utilized. It also lays claim to $30K in mods presently residing in and on the car, which makes that under-use all the more tragic.


One of a kind, Mc Larens provenance, and all that swag, is there anything this C320 doesn’t have? Well, we’ll have to decide if a decent price has escaped its inventory. The seller is asking for offers over $45,000, which I take to mean, $45,000.

What’s your take on this C230 for that kind of schnitzel? Is that a price that should have this Benz finding a new home soon? Or, is that Mc laughable?

You decide!


Minneapolis Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Adam M. for the hookup!

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