Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Three on the tree used to be standard fare, but is now unique and idiosyncratic. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Cutlass has that and much, much more, but will its price make it a low-hanging fruit?

Yesterday may have been April 1st, but there was no foolin’ you with that ‘85 Chrysler LeBaron candidate. Like every baby is beautiful in the eyes of their mother, that custom Chrysler was precious to someone - only in this case that someone now wants to sell it. Unfortunately for them, 85% of you felt both its price and presence unbecoming, and hence it fell in a Crack Pipe loss.

Okay everybody, take a knee. Today we’re looking at a car that’s rare owing to its original options and current owner mods, but I think you’ll find the result to completely have its act together.


This 1969 Olds Cutlass Cruiser is said to be a black plate California car now doing its thing in Washington state. From the factory the ad says it came equipped with a 350 Rocket, three on the tree, and A/C, but strangely no power steering or brakes.

The current owner has updated the car with power brakes, including discs up front, and power steering. He’s also tossed the 350, preferring instead a 455 with a Holley Spreadbore (small primaries/big secondaries), electronic ignition, and 442 exhaust manifolds. He has thankfully kept the third pedal and rockum-sockum column shift because that’s awesome. Power goes back to a 12-bolt open rearend with 3.31 gears.


While you’re soaking in all that mechanical goodness, let’s have a look at the rest of the car. This Cruiser (note, NOT Vista Cruiser) has been recently repainted in what the seller says is its original Nassau Blue. The bodywork is totally straight and some mods - removal of the fender lip trim - were made prior to gunning it.

Is it the world’s greatest paint job? Well, not according to the pictures which show overspray on the rubber trim and what looks like a lack of masking on the door latches. Still, overall it seems pretty serviceable.


Wheels are powder coated steelies wrapped in new rubber, and it comes with some cool vintage hot rod stickers in the windows to show off its old school bonafides. A whole ‘nother 455 comes with it should you play your cards right too.

On the inside it’s a little beat up, but not too bad. The car comes with a carpet kit, albeit uninstalled, and will need to have the upholstery redone if you’re not all that into duct tape. The dash looks pretty solid and there’s no radio to distract you from getting the hang of that shifter.


All the work is said to be less than 1,200 miles old and begs the question, why is the seller offering the car at this time? That’s a lot of time and money to put into the beast, why not try and get more than just the break-in out of it? Maybe this is his gig, buying up old cars on the cheap, and flipping them with some sexy mods. Who knows? Regardless, it’s here now and carries a $15,995 price.

What’s your take on this Olds with an attitude for that kind of scratch? Does $15,995 seem like a good deal for this manual wagon? Or, does that make you still want this Cutlass, but less?

You decide!


Seattle Craigslist, or check out the ad below.

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