For $4,800, Would You Be A Goofus Buying This 1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR4?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Galant VR4 is #312 out of a production run of 2,000, a number needed toward satisfying the model’s FIA Group A production certification. That’s not the only number associated with the car. As we’ll see, there’s also its price.

It’s fun to be scared, right? I mean like roller coaster, thriller movie kind of scared, not inviting drunk Kevin Spacey to sleep on your couch kind of scared. Yesterday’s 1986 Buick Regal T-Type was said to be scary—and ugly!—but in the end the scariest thing about the car was its $12,995 price, and it fell in an 82-percent Crack Pipe loss.


Are you a sexist? Do you stand with the likes of Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and Donald J. Trump? I thought not. And that being the case, it is likely that the description of today’s 1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 noting that it was female-owned won’t really sway your opinion on the car one way or the other.


Looking back on the history of the Galant it’s quite remarkable to realize that the model lasted for over four decades and nine generations, and that it started out here in America amazingly enough as the Dodge Colt. Eventually, the Galant series parted ways with the Colt name, as the model grew in size, becoming Mitsubishi’s Accord/Camry competitor. That’s generally the path of least our-intereest, and in fact I defy you to picture in your mind all of the next generations of the car as they were almost all mostly unremarkable and milquetoastian.

All, that is, with the notable exception of the VR4 edition of the sixth generation. These cars were set up to support Mitsubishi’s FIA Group A rally racing endeavors. The VR4 featured a hot—195 horsepower—DOHC and turbocharged two-litre four. Matched to that was a five-speed stick and torque-splitting AWD. Rounding out the bonafides were 4-wheel steering and a sassy can-do attitude.


This one has almost all that, perhaps missing only the can-do part. That’s because the car apparently is in need of a thorough going over seeing as it has suffered the slings and arrows of age and neglect.


The ad says that the car came from an estate, and was previously a one-owner (lady, remember) ride that’s done less than 90,000 miles. Those activities are seemingly in the past as the description notes that it has been sitting idle for some time.


The resultant problems include a sticky throttle, brakes that need rebuilding, a coolant leak that needs to be tracked down, and an overall need for a pressure wash and some polish. The trim is mostly intact, but the paint under that appears tired and worn in places.

The seller says that the car is solid and free of rust, but does suffer from hail damage on all the horizontal surfaces. I wouldn’t worry too much about that as Mythbusters proved that dimpling a car like a golf ball can make it go faster. Plus you would hardly notice if you drove it at night. That’s half the time!


Inside things are a little better. The leather on the seats seems perfectly workable, and the dash, door cards, and carpet all appear duty ready. The car even has it’s OEM double DIN tiny button stereo, ready for all your mix tape action. The ad says the A/C blows cold and that the car starts and idles without issue. It comes with a clean title, but not a current state inspection.


The VR4 was the Galant’s shining moment, a car that brought personality and performance to the marque. As we all know, those that burn twice as bright last only half as long, and after only a few short model years the VR4 was superseded by the smaller Lancer EVO and the Galant was once again relegated to the role of furnished apartment down in Dullsville.


This one’s not dull, and according to the ad could in fact be pretty engaging with just a little bit of work. The price, before that work gets started, is $4,800, and you’ll now need to decide if that works for you. What do you think, does this lady-driven VR4 seem worth that $4,800 as it sits? Or, would paying that much not be the Gallant thing to do.

You decide!


Pittsburgh, PA Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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