For $400,000, This Red Bull Formula One Car Could Be Yours

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Do you miss the the majestic roar of V8s in Formula One? We do, too. Well, if you have £250,000 (roughly $400K) burning a hole in your pockets, you could buy the glorious 2007 Red Bull Racing RB3—the very first design Adrian Newey did for Red Bull, complete with a lovely sounding V8.


This particular car is powered by the Renault RS27 V8, a perfectly pitched engine that is bound to require noise ordinance waivers wherever it goes.

Although this was before Red Bull started its streak of domination, it is the only Red Bull car that was raced that made its way into private ownership. In other words, you don't exactly have a lot of previously raced Red Bull cars to choose from.

This RB3 was raced by Mark Webber in the Australian, Malaysian, Bahrain, Spanish and Monaco grands prix.

Best of all, it even comes with several spares: different aero configurations for the front and rear wings, several nose cones, a variety of engine covers, plus spare floors, body panels, head rests and wheels.

So, if you need the howl of Formula One V8 engines back in your life, you need this car.


The full listing (with more pictures!) is up here.



Only if I can get a CarMax warranty on it.