For $13,500, Drop Your Toupée and Grab Your Sake

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Shake, Rattle, and Roll is a twelve bar rocker originally recorded by Big Joe Turner back in 1954. Hopefully the only shaking and rattling from today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe custom RX-7 ragtop will be Big Joe on the radio, and hopefully for its seller, its price won't leave you rolling your eyes.

Speaking of rolling, 63% of you decided that you wouldn’t want to roll in yesterday’s 2003 F350 Cummins conversion, or at least not for its Benjamin-shy of fifteen grand asking price. That was in stark contrast to the comments, which is occasionally the case, but of course that praise and two-seventy five will get the seller a tasty latte and nothing more.


With every new iteration, Mazda imbued the RX-7 with greater bona fides. The first one was a capable little sports car but it did have a bit of a tepid mill, and the live axle out back was initially capped with drum brakes. Those are the dumb-asses of the brake world!

The next one stepped it up with an IRS, available turbo (the FB turbo was only offered in Japan) and passive rear-wheel steering. It also expanded the available body styles to include a convertible with a clever hard/soft surrey top. Sadly it was a good 800 pounds heavier than its predecessor and wasn’t as sharp a driver.


The third generation - code named FD - brought back the RX-7’s sporty edge like a busty girl brings fun to a bar-ride mechanical bull. Yeah, it was even heavier still but all the softness had been excised from its handling. It was even given an engine with a turbo for its turbo (cue Xzibit) making mad kinds of power from its teacup-sized 13B spinner.

So hardcore was the FD that Mazda eliminated the factory offered soft-top edition. But today, we’re bringing the sexy back. This 1993 FD, in stunning metallic poop color, is a custom job that lets you catch some rays along with catching some major revs.


Described by the seller as a professional conversion done by a shop in California, the hatch to toupée tussler work looks reasonably clean and - dare I say it - professional. The trunk lid is sculpted to match both fender and scuttle lines and the top itself looks like someone actually put some thought into its action.


Even the FD’s funky door handles have been taken into account here, making everyone who drives this beast batman by their now isolated, and ear-level, existence. The only potential demerit is possibly the vinyl rear window, as those things tend to go miasmic with banana browning quickness.

Another possible downside - oh hell, it’s the elephant in the room when it comes to these kinds of cut and covers - is the car’s remaining structural integrity. Any and all unit-body cars tend to keep it all together due to a team effort, and when a major player on the team gets benched. . . well, the rest can end up shaking worse than a dog shitting a peach pit.


I’m not saying that this rotary rocket suffers from the droptop DTs, but not finding any background information on just exactly who in California cut it doesn’t encourage me to think otherwise.


That determination would have to wait for a test drive, preferably over a couple of rail crossings and perhaps attempting to open a door while parked with one wheel up on a driveway apron. Other considerations are the car’s mileage, which goes undisclosed, and its rarity, the seller claiming that it’s one of five conversions built. Again, there’s no documenting that number.

The interior is said to have been re-covered, and the beige color does compliment the exterior hue nicely. There is some staining on the driver’s squab, perhaps indicating that a previous occupier should have allocated more drying time before leaving the spray-tan salon.


So there are 99 questions regarding this cool one-off RX-7, but a price ain’t one. The ad is asking $13,500 for the car and you now need to weigh in on whether that’s a deal or not. What do you say, is this custom convertible worth $13,500? Or, is that over the topless?

You decide!


Washington DC Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to jesus loves rotaries for the hookup.

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