Foosin' Camaro: Tag-Team '69 Ready for Closeup

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Got $124,000 burning a hole in your Tommy Bahamas, pops? Time to grab up one of these Foose-Designed Camaros from Unique Performance. With the team shooting for a piece of the turnkey pro-touring market (that's the group making over old cars with modern tech), the six-figure'd '69s are likely fine cars, if not quite one-of-a-kind specimens. Buyers get a choice of 350 hp ZZ4 V8, 390 hp 6.0 Gen IV LS2 V8 or 572 cid /620 hp big block V8, hooked to a Tremec TKO five-speed manual and 18" wheels. Inside, the 'maros are appointed with Foose-designed seats and leather Interior, four-point roll cage and five-point harness Old Air Hurricane A/C System, nav system and more such toys. Better than new, sure. But we're holding out for a $200,000 Olds Vista Cruiser.


The Sam's Club Camaro by Foose? [internal]

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