Fonz Tours UK In Lexus Hybrid, Shark-Filled Channel Jump Not Scheduled

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We all remember Henry Winkler as the leather jacket-clad James Dean-composite "The Fonz" from Happy Days. But he's traded in his skis motorcycle for something a bit more grown-up: a Lexus RX400h. Winkler is driving the hybrid crossover throughout Britain, touring schools to promote his best-selling Hank Zipzer children's novels. The stories are about an underachieving boy with dyslexia, and are based on Winkler's own childhood...ironic considering people who drive Lexus hybrid crossovers are usually trying too hard. [CarScoop]

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@Mark Arnold:

The changes weren't random, of course. Let me step you through this. My apologies for labouring the point, but it seems be necessary because you aren't getting it at all.

You think it's ironic that Winkler's story about an underachieving dyslexic kid was based on his own childhood. Why? Because apparently Lexus drivers usually try too hard, whereas Winkler was an underachiever in his youth. And if he was an underachiever he mustn't have been trying too hard, right? Knee-slapping stuff.

By equating a dyslexic's underachievement with lack of effort (and that's what you're doing - otherwise Winkler's 'try-hard' Lexus wouldn't be ironic), you're ignoring the effect of disability on results. A disabled person may 'underachieve' in one activity or another (be that schoolwork in the case of a dyslexic Winkler or a 100-metre race in the case of someone with a crippled leg), even if they are trying their utmost.

Who gives a toss about this? People whose children have learning disabilities, that's who.

And if my son finds himself driving a Lexus later in life, it won't be fucking ironic.