(Image: Art Eugenio/Facebook)
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Did you just have an adventure? Well the first question to ask is “was it hard or dirty or uncertain at times?” If yes, the you might be on to something. Check out this handy chart to further validate your badassity.

At first I wasn’t sure where exactly this Adventure Flow Chart really came from but then I found the semi-rad.com tag hidden right there in the middle. Looks like their guy Brendan has some pretty good stuff over there! At any rate I’m going to start using it for everything from coffee runs to taking dumps so I can finally figure out which parts of my life are actually adventurous.

You already knew you get extra points for seeing bears, but this should sort out all your other questions about how extreme your activities are.

How adventurous has your day been so far? That bad, huh? Lucky for you it’s about to be the weekend and that’s your time to shine, baby. Go out there and get yourself into trouble.