Flying Up Pikes Peak In A Turbo Porsche GT3 Is All Sorts of Glorious

How do you make a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup faster? You turbocharge it. How do you make it awesomer? You race it up Pikes Peak. How do you make it beautifuller? You film it in 4K. Gahhhhh GORGEOUS.


We've already seen Jeff Zwart's run up Pikes Peak from the driver's eye, but we haven't seen his run from the outside filmed in HD resolution so high that most screens can't even comprehend just how wonderous the footage is.

And while many might consider turbocharging a 911 GT3 Cup car sacrilege, it just sounds the business here. And that's because it is the business. This is the business. Nothing else is a business.

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Noice was amazing but it looked kind of slow, or is it just me?

On an other note, (an hour long documentary about the build and then two attacks, english subs)Per Eklund and his SAAB on pikes peak in the early 2000's, fun starts at 53:40