Florist Inundated With GM Cash For Clunkers Calls

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A florist in Illinois is getting swamped with incorrectly dialed calls intended for GM's Cash for Clunkers program call center. It seems their 800 number shares all the digits in GM's 1-877-CARS654 except the prefix.

Flower Corner in Clinton, Illinois serves a small community of about 7,000, but is getting upwards of 150 calls a day from people incorrectly dialing in to discuss the particulars of clunkerizing their car. The workers at the florist are somewhat annoyed, but realize all they can do at this point is direct the caller to the correct number and hope they might accidentally place an order with their accidental call.


On a side note, the GM number can also be read as "1-877-CARS-OK-G," or if you add a superfluous digit to the end, you get the appropriate "1-877-CAR-POLIO." [Yahoo via GMI]

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engineerd - Jalopnik Poet Laureate

Growing up, our phone number had the same digits as Honeybaked Ham, but with two digits inverted. Around Easter and Christmas we regularly received calls for Honeybaked Ham. My parents tried for years to get Honeybaked Ham to change their number, with the justification being we had our number a decade longer than them. Honeybaked Ham didn't budge. So, my dad started taking people's orders. I wonder how many people showed up the Saturday before Easter to pick up their ham and there was no record of their order?