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Florida Teen Suspended After Farting On The Bus

Illustration for article titled Florida Teen Suspended After Farting On The Bus

A bus driver in Lakeland, Florida suspended an eighth grade student after his recurring flatulence caused the other passengers uncontrollable disruptive laughter and filled the bus will a stench foul enough to make breathing unpleasant.


Farty-pants McGee was issued a three day suspension while claiming the trouser trumpets were not his own. It may be crude, but causing a cheese wagon meltdown by way of methane bombs is something a normal eighth grade boy should be proud to put on his scholastic resume. It could have been worse, another Florida student got arrested for class-gassing even though there aren't any rules specifically banning the bodily function. This begs the question: what the heck are they feeding those kids down in the sunshine state? [Washington Examiner]

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Rob Emslie

Should have fired the bus driver. Everybody knows he who smelt it, dealt it.