What's a fair and even trade for a Ferrari Enzo? A man in Florida seems to think that his private island would fit the bill, and he's looking for a potential deal on the place where everyone goes to swap exotic cars for islands: Craigslist.

This post from Daytona Beach Craigslist offers a three-acre island near Port Orange in exchange for one of the hottest and most memorable cars Ferrari has ever cranked out. He's also willing to sell it for $1.2 million if necessary, but come on; you know he'd rather cruise around Florida in his Enzo.

I can't say I blame him. Taking care of an island must be a lot of work, what with all that sand and what not. At the same token, the island is unlikely to ever catch fire on its own.

Unless there's a volcano, of course. Those can be real buzzkills.

More details over at the seller's website, islandforsalebyowner.com. Which would you pick, the Enzo or the private island?


Hat tip to John!