I have absolutely nothing against Florida at all. It's a nice place with nice beaches. My Grandma used to live there. I went to a great Waffle House in Ocala once. It has Disney World. It also has people robbing places and stealing golf carts from naked people. That makes Florida even more wonderful.

This time a man, Milton Hodges, was at Lowes and used a knife or possibly scissors to try and rob a Lowes. He attacked two cashiers, both of whom got away.


So the man decided he'd get away too. So he punched the driver of a pickup in the face, but didn't get the pickup. Then he tried to steal a golf cart from a nudist colony, but the cops were already there to arrest him.

That's probably for the best. You don't know what the seat on that golf car has seen.

Photo Credit: flguardian2 via flickr