Florida Couple Got Sexy In A Car And Crashed It Into A House

Driving is great. So is sex. Mixing the two is a bad plan. And where else but in Florida would an affectionate motorist couple step forward to serve as an example why.

Asia Walker and her boyfriend, Charles Phillips, got lost in the heat of passion while Walker was driving around Daytona Beach during the wee hours of Friday morning. So lost, in fact, that they didn't see a single family home before scoring a direct hit on the front door. The car smashed into the house hard enough to plow through two rooms, the pressure of the impact blowing out a window at the back of the house.


Luckily, the house is unoccupied and no one was hurt. Walker was charged with careless driving and told by police that hanky panky is, like talking on a cell phone, eating a hot dog, or drinking a milkshake, dangerous while behind the wheel of a moving car.

Photo credit: WESH Orlando

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