The city of Flint, Michigan, is planning to turn human waste into fuel to power vehicles and buildings. Mayor Don Williamson sees sewage as not only a potential fuel source for city vehicles, but as a source of jobs as spinoff businesses grow up around the planned facility. That facility would be implemented by Swedish Biogas International, who has experience converting human waste into biogas, which is a nice word for stinky methane.

The project, which still needs funding and approval, could also create fertilizer, turning it into a revenue raiser and could eventually use other sources of waste biomass, such as landfills. Sweden, which is being used as a model for the town's energy plans, gets about 65% of its heating energy from waste biomass. Expect to see many more euphemisms for shit as Flint develops and institutes its plan to turn lemons into disgusting lemonade. [via]
Photography credit: Elsie Esq.