Flight From Hell: Hail Pummels Delta Flight In Mid Air

Delta Airlines Flight 1889, an Airbus A320 from Boston to Salt Lake City, was damaged in a furious hail storm yesterday and made an emergency landing in Denver. The severe weather caused the front windscreen to crack and the jet’s nose cone and radome to crumple inward.

Once the plane encountered the weather system, the ride was reportedly terrifying. But the true gravity of the situation didn’t really settle in until the plane touched down and the passengers de-planed, when they witnessed the damage to their aircraft and confronted how close their flight might’ve come to a much more serious and sobering conclusion.


For some awesome higher resolution photos of the damage, click here.

The pilots were said to be unable to see through the forward windscreen during the storm and throughout the remainder of the flight, and the damage to the nosecone also ruined the jet’s GPS system.

One passenger was reportedly transported to the hospital at their own request, but no other injuries were reported. As scary as this situation seems to have been, we’ve gotta give major props to the Delta pilots and flight crew for diverting to Denver safely, as well as the Airbus engineers for building such a tough jet.

Photo credit: Screenshots via YouTube

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