Flat Black Audi R8 Serving Mule Duties For STaSIS Upgrades

Jason over at Audi tuner STaSIS just sent over these shots of a flat black R8 that they're using as a development mule for a new range of upgrades. We've been hankering for a matte black Audi R8 ever since we first drove one and are pleased to see this one is getting more than just a sexy paint job. First on the list is a new exhaust system; no official dyno numbers yet, but that's hardly the point. Click through to hear how good it sounds.


Next up is new suspension, bigger brakes and a set of gloss black wheels that Jason describes as, "B A N A N AS." Apparently they're quite large. That gloss paint will complement the gloss black sideblades, which are a seriously understated, but classy piece of customization. Us? We're still holding out for a matte black R8 with gold wheels, logos and wheels, topped off with a white alligator skin interior. [via STaSIS]

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