Flashback 1969: New Baldwin-Motion Phase III Camaro

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Ohioian Dave Flynn showed off his new, 700 hp Baldwin-Motion Phase III Camaro in Carlisle, PA recently — now his car's got its own publicist. We were graced by e-mail with shots of the bitchin' repro F-body this morning, under the heading "The Devil Is in the Details." Such details include a Motion red finish with silver accent stripes, air conditioning, Tremac five-speed, four-wheel SSBC-Motion disc brakes (eight-piston front), coil-over shocks and an independent (IRS) rear developed by Blue Moon Motorsports for Baldwin-Motion. Well-heeled cammy heads can get their own Baldwin-Motion 450-hp SS-427 and 600-hp Phase III 540 Camaros for $169,000 and $189,000, respectively. It's a bargain, considering an original Baldwin-Motion Camaro can go for as much as a Manhattan brownstone. Click through for more pics.

First Customer's Phase III Baldwin-Motion Camaro Displayed at Carlisle [internal]

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