The commute people in the Washington D.C. area face every day is so bad that the Capitol Beltway easily just topped our list of worst highways in America. Even if you're not on the Beltway, the rest of the D.C. region is just miserable. How do you make it worse? You add a flaming Ferrari, that's how.


News website ARLNow reports that wet roads and a Ferrari 360 Modena caused a massive chain reaction crash just outside the District on the George Washington Memorial Parkway under Interstate 66.


They report that the Ferrari lost control and struck the bridge around 9:30 a.m., then caught fire because of course it did. Luckily, the driver escaped unharmed, and firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze.

But not before a pickup truck slammed into an Arlington County Fire Marshal’s truck that was stopped in the northbound lanes of the GW Parkway adjacent to the first wreck during the cleanup an hour later. Yet another vehicle was also hit afterward, ARLNow says.

The two wrecks shut down lanes and caused major backups for morning commuters. Also, the Ferrari was toast. I don't think that will buff right out.


Thanks for the tips everyone!

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