FJ Cruiser Spotted in Hell, Er, the Tri-Valley Area

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You know, we did a decade in the East Bay, all of it on the east side of the Culture-cut Caldecott Tunnel, for which we got mad poo from the other punx. But c'mon, Aaron Cometbus didn't write a song called "Emeryville by the Bay" now, did he? Anyway, long story short, an FJ Cruiser was spotted in San Ramon, which has to be the most unfriendly city in which we've ever worked. And we used to work in the ghe-tto friends. According to reader Joe, it was sporting dealer plates. Moral? Don't go to San Ramon. It's windy, overpriced and even the punk chicks there are stuck up. And look for an FJ Cruiser on a lot near you, soon.

Toyota to Offer FJ Cruiser With Off-Road Package


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