'Fix It Again, Tony' Is Fiat's Greatest Ad So Far

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Between Jennifer Lopez, memes, Godzilla, and murderous cartoon animals, Fiat's non-Abarth U.S. ad campaigns have generally been one miserable suckfest after another. But now they've done something that's actually good. An ad that's clever and funny — from Fiat!

And best of all, the new ad confronts that reputation that still dogs Fiat among people old enough to remember what it took to keep an X1/9 running properly — that the name stands for "Fix It Again, Tony." There's a full report on it over at Automotive News.


In it, a dorky, unassuming normal takes his Honda Civic to Tony's repair shop to get a mirror fixed, only to get lambasted by some Italians for driving such an un-sexy car. They promptly replace it with the 2016 Fiat 500X, which is actually a pretty good-looking crossover and vastly more interesting than his Honda.

It feels really good on his butt, he's happy to report.

Anyway, it's pretty good at playing up the qualities Fiat should have been playing up all along — their cars' style, quirkiness, and general Italian-ness. Too bad Fiat is still at the bottom of Consumer Reports' reliability ratings. Looks like ol' Tony won't be going hungry anytime soon!

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David E. Davis

Not bad...