Five people are dead, with another in the hospital, after they became trapped in their burning Nissan Sentra in Burbank, California.

Firefighters were called around 4:05 AM, but the five people still inside were pronounced dead at the scene, according to KNBC.

We talk a lot about burning cars here on Jalopnik, but the truth of the matter is that a burning car is incredibly dangerous. Smoke tends to fill the cabin and overwhelm people within seconds. A quick escape is of the utmost importance, and could be the difference between a long and healthy life and one that is ended prematurely.

If you find yourself trapped in a burning car, undo your seatbelt by whatever means possible and get out. If you can't undo your seatbelt, left the shoulder strap over your head and try to escape from the waist strip. If you can't open the door, break the windows or kick the windshield out.


We'll update you as we hear more about this situation.

Image via Marvin Kuo