Fisker Halts Karma Production After Running Out Of Batteries

You can sell toys with a "batteries not included" stipulation, but apparently that won't fly with electric cars; especially not a $100,000 ride like the Fisker Karma. So Fisker is suspending production of its luxury plug-in hybrids because its battery manufacturer filed for bankruptcy.


Poor Fisker. Like so many newish car companies (and old ones, too, for that matter), they can't seem to escape the forest of troubles in which they've lost themselves. Unfortunately, Fisker's hands are tied until A123 Systems, its sole battery supplier, either gets sold or receives more help from the federal government. But because A123 has already been a recipient of federal support in the form of special loans and grants, the government has to okay potential buyers before a deal can move forward.

As Fisker twiddles its figurative thumbs, anxiously awaiting some kind of action — a handful of companies seem interested in buying A123 — the company says it has enough batteries on hand to replace owners' packs if they fail. Or catch on fire. Justin Bieber can rest easy, lest he experience problems with his chromed plug-in whip.

But the halt in production means Fisker had to delay the Karma's debut in China, a market packed with new millionaires eager to make a statement in a $100,000 car (or to crash a $400,000 car). On the bright side, a battery-less Karma is probably a lot cheaper though, admittedly, completely useless.


Photo Credit: Fisker

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