Fisker Adding External Speakers To Karma, Michael Stipe Alarmed

Henrik Fisker has announced that his new Karma plug-in hybrid sports car will come equipped with external speakers for pedestrian safety. The four seat Karma goes on sale late in 2009 and is capable of traveling up to 50 miles without using the gasoline engine. While in electric-only mode it's virtually silent, prompting fears that pedestrians could be at risk if they're unable to hear it coming. Capable of playing any sound its owner chooses, one option according to Fisker is, "like something between a Formula One car and a jet plane."


Fisker goes on to claim that his company has been receiving "between 50 and 100 orders a week" for the Karma, meaning it now has a one-year waiting list. Most of those orders have come from Europe.

The $80,000 Karma was first unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in January. It has a top speed of 125mph and reaches 60mph in six seconds. [Via Forbes Autos]

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