First Video, More Details On Volvo ReCharge Hybrid Concept Car To Be Revealed At The Frankfurt Auto Show

So on top of the animated video we've charged up and popped up above this post, we've also got a few more details since earlier this morning on the new Volvo ReCharge plug-in hybrid concept to be revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show next week. The gleaned details on this C30-based plug-in hybrid are all below the jump and the additional shots we've got of the concept.

  • Volvo is looking at this car to hit the streets in 2015, but it won't be the first hybrid Volvo plans on releasing — but they're keeping what the first one will be a secret until later.
  • There's four electric motors — one at each wheel.
  • This emphasizes safety as they've moved the motors away from the front of the car and to the wheels. By not having the engine in the front, it allows for Volvo to use the front for more crash-protection.
  • Also, despite having an engine, it has no driveshaft.
  • Full recharge of the batteries will take three hours, but the car should be drivable on an hour or less.



That felt like the Virgin Atlantic pre-flight safety video.

On a side note, I drove a C30 over the weekend and—for the first time in a Volvo that didn't spend time at the Converse Engineering reeducation camp—I actually had fun behind the wheel of a Volvo.