First U.S. Fiat 500 crashed with less than 1K miles

The owner of this Massachusetts-based Fiat 500 managed to get tangled into an accident with just 969 miles on the odometer. Now all that stands between you and driving a limited-edition Cinquecento is nearly $10,000 in repairs.

This isn't just any Fiat, but a 500 Prima Edizione — one of 500 numbered and specially outfitted models sold to the most ardent U.S. Fiat fans, with custom wheels, graphics and manual transmissions. Those graphics offered little protection from whatever hit this 500 on its passenger side with enough force to collapse the suspension on the driver's front and rear wheels.


According to the insurance auction site, the 500 will run when jumped, but a price and time for auction has yet to be set. It's the saddest little Italian-Mexican import since a server last dropped an order of Mexican Lasagna at Luigi Ortega's.

H/T to Jared Glenz

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