First-Time Car Buyers to Traditional Media: Drop Dead

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It's what we've known for years: The kids totally dig the online. A recent study by those people-watchers over at The Polk Center for Automotive Studies found very few first-time car buyers use traditional media when shopping for a car. Instead, the greatest percentage consider the interweb their most important informational tool. (Full disclosure: Whapow!) According to the study, this group includes 35 percent of first-time vehicle buyers, compared to 8.2 percent for TV, 4.4 percent for magazines, 3.6 percent for newspapers and 1.1 percent for radio. In addition, 0.2 percent said they ask the nice man down at the youth center and 0.05 percent take mescaline and wait for the cosmic indian chief to give them a sign.

Carmakers Misjudge the Youth Market [internal]


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