First Shelby GT-H Drop-Top Auctioned At Palm Beach Barrett-Jackson

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So Shelby's got themselves a GT-H Convertible and they auctioned off the very first rent-a-racer in 'vert form at the big classic car BJ down in Palm Beach. The GT-H drop-top's basically the same mechanically as the coupe — 319 HP, etc. The big difference in addition to the obviously droppable top is a rollbar and some big n' black Bullitt-style rims — the same as those seen on the black GT's Shelby's already selling direct to consumers. Only 500 will be built, and the other 499 will be auctioned off after they've served their terms at a Hertz rental station near you. The first one? Well — that one, as you can see above from SpeedTV, was auctioned off for $250,00 to Ron Pratte, who as we already know, has a serious addiction to overpaying for FoMoCo products.


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