First Photos Of The New Toyota Prius!

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Looks like the little hybrid that could —the Toyota Prius — is getting a bit of a face lift refresh before the next redesign. The spy shooters at KGP snapped shots of this prototype doing some hot-weather testing in Death Valley sporting a much more new Camry-like and Yaris-like grille. We'll let them explain what they saw after the jump.

The freshened Prius will get a new front fascia, including a new grille design which appears to take after the corporate grille design seen on the Camry and the Yaris. The prototype's headlights have also been radically reshaped, ditching the current car's elongated lights.The old lights nearly reached back to the Prius' A-pillars, but the new lights are smaller, angular clusters set wide on the front-end. The result is a much more mainstream styling treatment. The bumper-mounted air-intake also looks to have been reshaped, but the heavy white tape obscures the true extent of the changes...The rest of the Prius appears to be unchanged on this prototype—a true facelift indeed, without any changes to the car's posterior.


I don't really care for the car much, I think it looks like a door stop. I know a woman that has one and she's very nice. I don't try to read too much into what statement anyone is trying to make by driving one.

The only thing that pisses me off is that somehow Toyota gets an "image" of being environmentally conscious yet their Tundra is as big an offender as any Humvee out there. They are just selling cars, like everybody else. They don't improve your love life or keep your feet from stinking.

A lot of people look at Toyota as the company that can do no wrong and that I have a problem with. They make a fine car but it's just a damn car at the end of the day. Call me excited when it poops out golden eggs or pays my kids' tuition, kay?

People are just kind of stupid.