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First photo of slightly wrecked Ferrari FF

Illustration for article titled First photo of slightly wrecked Ferrari FF

The honky tonk-named Jethro Bovingdon, the CAR reviewer who will forever be remembered as the first person to crash a Ferrari FF, finally coughed up one kind of dinky photo of a wrecked wheel.


Ben Pulman of CAR explained to us what happened for those conspiracy theorists out there who thought it was some grand Ferrari conspiracy:

As for the crash, Jethro was driving a left-hand drive car, going round a right-hand bend with no kerb, which suddenly had a kerb halfway round. He hit the kerb and damaged two wheels. Saw some guys talking about conspiracy theories with tuned FF's spitting out their transmission – bit far fetched.


Just a bit. We can't wait for more pictures because, trust us, there's going to be more photos.

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Xander, Proud of BOXER

That's it?! I've done worse.