Oh yeah, sorry — in all that Transformers Corvette concept and Z28 hubub, we forgot to show you these camera phone shots taken by a forum fan-boy over at Camaro5 of what's purportedly yet another shot of a pre-production 2010 Chevy Camaro SS. Jeez, all these Camaros with their bow ties — they all look alike. Wait a second — a bow tie? This isn't a pre-production car — it's a production car! The shooter supposedly caught it on the set of a TV show with Christian Slater. No idea what that's all about. But check out that picture below of the "SS" from the back — are those air holes for a shunt in the rear bumper? Is that a clear brakelight in the rear window? Nice. Seriously, how much do we love the guys over at Camaro5?


[via Camaro5]

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