First "My Name Is Ram: My Tank Is Full" Ad, For Real

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After attempting to show you the first My Name Is Ram commercial yesterday, we now have the final-cut that aired at last night's World Series below the jump.


Click to viewThe ad was put together by the Richards Group of Dallas (who does all those great Bridgestone ads) and, according to AdAge, may be voiced by company founder Stan Richards himself.

We think the commercial is a bit much, trying to capture the Whitman-esque charm of the new Levi's commercials but, you know, while talking about a truck and not the American spirit. Either way, people who don't know who Walt Whitman is will probably be equally as moved. [AdAge]



I am glad that they are at least being honest about their anticipated transmission malfunctions: "I will not downshift." When you bring your truck in to get the downshifting fixed, they can say that you were clearly warned. #chrysler