First Mustang Boss 302 Live Photos From Woodward Dream Cruise

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The Mustang Boss 302 and Boss 302 Laguna Seca are the latest track-time toys in Ford's lineup and they've showed up to play at the Woodward Dream Cruise. Check out that rear-seat-delete option on the Laguna Seca. Sexy.

The Boss cars will be the stars of the show in Mustang Alley, an appropriated section of 9 Mile road, on the east side of Woodward in Ferndale. So far there's a blue and white one, an orange and black one, and the Laguna Seca version. Oh Boss, we're so glad you're back, even if your color palette may offend the more delicate enthusiasts. So much the better really.


For some reason the photos Ford released did a terrible job of pointing out the differences between the regular Boss 302 and the Laguna Seca version. The LS gets a monstrous adjustable front splitter, racing buckets up front and zero seating in the rear, additional gauges on the dash and a Laguna Seca track map logo instead of the Mustang badge at the back.

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Who the hell greenlit that color combo? Did someones 15 year old kid come up with that on Photoshop and decide it was a good idea?