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Is there anything more badass on the market today than America's most powerful muscle car ever? Yes, there is. The VIN0001 Hellcat going for auction at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2014 sporting the Dodge Viper's Stryker Red Paint. That's special.


It turns out that the Viper can't get the SRT's Hellcat V8 because it's too big, but the Challenger and Charger Hellcats will use the Viper's manual gearbox (just like many other performance cars). The first Challenger Hellcat off the assembly line also gets the Viper's special paint that you voted the best current factory color on the market today.


VIN0001 also comes with:

a HEMI painted presentation box with a VIN0001 electronic vehicle build book and video documentary, still shots, vehicle footage, an authentic Challenger SRT Hellcat embossed Laguna Leather iPad sleeve, a signed SRT Hellcat lithograph and unique "birth certificate".

That's all very nice, but the main selling point here is Stryker Red. This is how it's done:

And fancy paint or not, don't forget that the car will still run the quarter-mile in 10.8 seconds at 126 mph straight after you left Barrett-Jackson's Las Vegas auction with it, knowing that all your money went to charity and tire smoke...

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