First And Second Place Crash, Independently, Somehow, On The Last Corner Of Last Lap

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Can you just imagine being a Formula 3 driver? Just imagine it. You’ve worked your way up. Next stop, Formula 1. You’ve had your successes, and now, another one. You’re on the last corner of the last lap of a big race. And then you stuff it. Both of you.

Red Bull’s junior driver Dan Ticktum took a surprise win for his Motopark team in the Macau Grand Prix Formula 3 race after the two leaders crashed into the outside wall on the final corner of the final lap. Ticktum, in only his third Formula 3 start, began the race from 8th on the grid. By simply surviving the race and not colliding with anyone, Dan managed to move up into third by the final lap with a mega four-wide pass from fifth, but did not have anything for the leaders.

Leader Sette Camara had the measure of the field for much of the race, holding a steady gap to second placed Maximilian Gunther. Ferdinand Habsburg was on a steady march forward, and managed to pass Gunther into second before making a charge at the lead. For the final lap Habsburg was all over the back of Camara before the events of this video take place.


Where the video picks up, you can see Habsburg make a move on the lead, despite Camara’s many blocking attempts, and eventually get the pass complete before the end of the penultimate straight. Both drivers manage to misjudge the braking into the final corner and smack the wall without contacting each other, allowing Ticktum to slide by unimpeded to win the FIA Formula 3 World Cup.

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