First 86 Scion FR-S Buyers Get The Royal Treatment

The first 86 Scion FR-S buyers are getting all sorts of special perks, as we were first to report. We just didn't know what the perks were until now. If you're not one of the first 86 buyers you may not want to keep reading.


In addition to being able to boast about being one of the first Scion FR-S owners in America, which is already cool even if you were just lucky, there's an all-expenses-paid trip to Long Beach, California this April.

Why would you want to go to Long Beach in April? Why, for Formula Drift of course. All owners (and their guests) and their no guests will get front-row seats for the show. There's also a tour of the Toyota Motor Sports National HQ and the Toyota Automobile Museum.

Frankly, we wish more automakers would do this. Scion has no enthusiast history in this country, but Toyota does and they're smartly building on that foundation.


There's also dinner with Scion VP Jack Hollis where you'll be able to ask him any question you want. Any in the world. Like what he puts in his hair. He must use a lot of product. How else does he get it to stand up straight like an anime character?

Ok, so it doesn't technically say that in the invitation. But he's always answered our questions in the past. You should ask. Just don't blame us if you end up with a purple automatic FR-S. That's on you.

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