First Boeing 787 Cleared To Fly Catches Fire At Heathrow

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More bad news today for Boeing's troubled "Dream Plane" as an Ethiopian Airlines 787 jet caught fire at London's Heathrow Airport, according to reports. Thankfully, no passengers were onboard.

The BBC reports that arrivals and departures have been suspended for the time being. Photos on Twitter show the plane close to a terminal surrounded by firefighting vehicles.

It's terrible news for Boeing. This particular plane, according to the BBC, was the first 787 to fly back in April after the planes were ordered grounded due to battery malfunctions. That order happened following a 787 fire at Boston's Logan Airport in January.


In the immediate aftermath of today's incident, Boeing stock plummeted sharply, according to the Wall Street Journal.


More on this as we get it.

Photo credit NBC News via Twitter

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I feel like a comma or something is needed in that headline

Edit: As I read it more it makes more sense, but as someone else put in another comment, it makes my brain hurt