First 2008 BMW M3s Marked Up To $100k

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As the first 2008 BMW M3s have started arriving at American dealerships, they're being marked up as high as $100,000. The M3's MSRP is $57,275. The picture, from shows a car sitting in Century West BMW in North Hollywood, the sticker features a "Dealer Market Adjustment" of $30,000 on top of several options packages. Offering 414bhp from an all-new 4.0L V8, this promises to be the fastest M3 ever. But whether or not it's worth $100,000 remains to be seen. Gallery images via BMW Blog.


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Rob Emslie

2008 BMW M3 CPE

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $70,720.00

Asshole Adjustment: $30,000.00

Realization it wasn't your car that wasn't getting you laid? Priceless.